Sunday, January 25, 2009

Post number two on day one. LOL!

I am home from We B Scrappin', which is my scapbooking store in Cicero, NY.
It's the only cool scrappin' store within an hour's drive of my house. I love it there.
Anyway, today I bought two new to me scrappy things. #1) Grungeboard. #2) Glimmer Mist. Fun stuff!

I'm holding out for my cuttlebug purchase. Got a 50% off coupon for AC Moore for next Saturday. If it snows, I'll have Tommy bring me in the truck. hee, hee.

Plan to get in touch w/some scrappin' friends to try to set up a day w/table time at We B. I want to make a book of our November Aruba trip. Soon. Very soon!

{You wouldn't believe how many times I previewed this post.}


Nicole said...

So excited for you to get a CB!! And I'd love to see and Aruba mini from ya! I was online the other night looking at Aruba just because of you. ;)

SAR girls said...

Let's hear it for Patti scrapping!! :) Looking forward to seeing that mini!

Jolene said...

Yay for Patti! Welcome to the world of blogging. I love your header! ♥

Maryfrances said...

Hey Patti....blogging girl for sure. Welcome to the dark side ladty!