Friday, October 14, 2011's me, Patti. a long lost blogger.

I see my last post is dated August 2011.
To justify that......
My foyer is re-done.
My dining room is re-done.
My hallway is re-done.
My kitchen is re-done.
My oldest son's bedroom is re-done.

What started out as a wall paper removing project turned into a this room looks so I must do this next room. :) :) A bathroom is still on the list, but I'll get to that after the hub's and I replace some floor tiles at the back door.

I have loved every single minute of all of this re-doing!!!
That may be a tiny bit of a lie.
There was a point when I was removing the hallway wallpaper from hell that I thought "what have I gotten myself into??" I just kept at it...scraping that felt backing off inch by miserable inch, and seriously, it was so worth it!!! It's amazing what removing wallpaper and simply painting the walls can do for a house. I actually said to my hubs last week "it's beautiful in here". I don't think I've ever thought or felt this house was beautiful before. We bought this house because of it's awesome location (on a river w/football field sized backyard). It's a cut-up, small ranch that I would never, ever choose. When the hub's retires - 6 years from now - we hope to take down some walls and do some reconfiguring. 'Til then, I'll keep on working with what I have. :)
When you walk through our front door, this is what you see now.
Here is the "before"...

The dining room "after". Fresh wall & ceiling paint, new ceiling fan (I know Sabrina Soto would have a heart attack that it's not a chandelier, but we need the fan.) I now have a funky cool rug under my new table set too. :) Yes, the table came w/4 chairs, I removed one for the pic. I still need some wall art, but haven't found the perfect thing...and don't want to settle.
Here are the lined drapes that I made with that "bright & happy" fabric by Richloom. I also covered a chair that sits next to the dresser turned buffet. {pics of that project to follow.}

the "before"...
Last week-end, I painted the couple of small walls in my galley kitchen a light orange (after taking down more wallpaper, of course). I was feeling so bold about that color choice. ;) This morning, I made this cute little curtain to help bring the room together. No pattern, I just measured and stitched a rectangle. The curtain is lined with part of what was a cream colored top sheet. Fabric & ribbon are from Hobby Lobby. I love how it turned out! :)

To my good scrapbooking buddies who's blogs I've neglected...I am sorry! I am off now to check out some of what I've missed. Hope you all know that even when I'm away...I still think of you. I actually have not played with any paper since June. I know. It feels weird. I'm hoping once the weather turns to crap that I'll be pulled back into my craft room. Will keep you posted on that!

hugs, patti


artfuldelight said...

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I love how it all turned out. And I LOVE that "bright and happy" fabric!! Love it!!!

JanR said...

WOWZERS!!! Your home looks fabulous! I'm so glad you posted some pics so we could also enjoy what's been keeping you away from Blogland. Your curtains are amazing!

wendipooh13 said...

oh wow you have been busy!!! and it looks amazing, love seeing all your updates!!!!

Mitralee said...

AMAZING! Love that tile in your kitchen and that cool curtain! WOW! And, look out the window! YEAH, rain! Well, at least it's not snow.

Suzy said...

welcome back patti!! you have been BUSY! love the before and after pics. can't wait to see the remodel stories told in pages ;)

mustangkayla said...

Wow Patti! What fabulous work you have done! I say every ounce of frustration was worth it! It all looks beautiful! I have missed your posts and creations!

~jan said...

I think I might have to put the paper & glue down and get to redecorating mu house! :) All of your updates are fabulous! YOu have good taste, my friend! That little curtain is wonderful! Love your paint choices too-that is always the hardest part of any homedec project, at least for me.

Jamilie said...

Have missed you!! LOVE it all!!!!

DIY Addict said...

whoa! what a great transformation! its brighter and I like it.