Sunday, October 16, 2011

...use what you have decorating.

That pretty much sums up my decorating style. LOL!!!! ;)

I've spent a bit of money since June on re-decorating my house. Okay, a more honest statement would be my decorating budget has run dry. That said, I thought it would be okay to have some DIY art hung in my kitchen. It's the kitchen, afterall. :)

So, I had this Donna Downey iron on by Prima.
I had some cream colored Kona cotton.
I had a wood frame and some black spray paint.

After spraying the frame black, ironing the image onto my cotton and putting them together...this is what I came up with. Really simple...but I love it. :)

The hubs put up our new kitchen light yesterday. Can I brag about the super clearance deal that I got on this light? It's made by Good Earth, purchased at Lowe's and was originally priced at $149.00. I paid $34.95!!! {Yeah, baby...I just love that deal.} As a sidenote - last week when I was in the same Lowe's, they had this light - one left, still on clearance - but it was marked $74.95. hee, hee. :)

Here is the second zero cost, 'cause I had everything already, kitchen wall art. The frames were being stored under my bed. The fabric is a jo-ann's quilt square, cut in half, that I bought last year for .99 cents. I made the first one and hung it to the left of the door frame (that's a pocket door from the 80's. haha). Since I had enough fabric and a second frame...I made another one and hung it to the right. Not sure what it is about symmetry, but it honestly makes my brain so happy. I don't think it's "too much" you? Please let me know your thoughts. :)

...just for fun, a before pic of my kitchen. That was the very first time the hubs ever cut any moulding. None of the corners came together evenly. LOL! That wallpaper was SO HARD to get down. My right hand is still sore from all of the scraping. Just that little bit (both ends of my galley kitchen) took 2 whole days to remove. Crazy.
I seriously dislike my kitchen cabinets (so much so that NO, I will not paint them and I will not spend the money to switch out the hardware.) I think with the little updates that I've made w/paint, curtains, new light & wall art...they are now less disagreeable to me. Our plan is to build a new kitchen in 5 years. I can wait. I can wait. I can wait. ;) :)

Thanks for coming by my blog and thanks to Donna Downey for thinking outside the box with her rockin' iron ons. I love that one matches my kitchen so perfectly!
hugs, patti

p.s. I've ordered an orange shag rug for the kitchen. Not sure though...will it be too much...will I be brave enough to use it? LOL! It's been shipped --- will keep you posted.


~jan said...

I love your kitchen, Patti! Your handmade art is the perfect touch and just the right amount of color,although I think an orange shag rug will be an awesome addition! :) Galley kitches and pocket doors make me happy-I kow they arent great for more than 2 people but Ive always liked the way they look and their efficiency! All your hard work and cretivity has paid off big time, my friend!

JanR said...

It all looks great! I can sympathize about the wallpaper. I was so scared of peeling off wallpaper that some years ago when I did a "quick-fix" makeover on our kitchen to bridge the gap before we could completely redo it I just painted over the wallpaper. Wouldn't recommend it, but it did the trick.

mustangkayla said...

Its looking good Patti! I love that your getting creative with things you have on hand! :-)

Mara... said...

It looks great!! I love how you used things you already had, that is such a great way to decorate.