Saturday, November 12, 2011

A simple roman shade.

A delivery delay with our bathroom floor tile - special order coming from Toronto - has nixed our plans to work in the bathroom this week-end. We're replacing the floor, toilet, vanity and some wall tiles. Everything's on hold 'til the floor tile arrives. That didn't stop me from making a new window treatment for this little bathroom though. :)

Browsing some awesome blogs a couple of weeks ago, I came upon Angela's 365 days 2 simplicity blog. She has an excellent tutorial for making your own no sew roman shades. Big shout out of thanks to Angela...since your directions that I printed were never out of an arm's reach while I was making my shade. :)
Anegla's directions are for a no sew version of a roman shade. I chose to stitch up the side seams of my fabric because for me, stitching is easier than using heat & bond.
A second change that I made was to use spray adhesive on my shade's slats. I very carefully sprayed the slat and immediately pressed it firmly to my fabric. Worked like a charm.
My fabric was purchased at Jo-Ann's - 50% off, $4.99 yard. It was called an outdoor fabric on the label. It's a machine washable, duck weight cotton, so it has some nice body to it. My shade was $2.97 and was purchased at Walmart.

When I finished this first shade...honestly, I was wishing I needed to make another one!

It was an easy project w/Angela's directions. My window looks out onto our private backyard. I checked outside today to see how the shade looks from there and it's cute out there too!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Hope you're having a nice week-end!
hugs, patti


gottaluvboyz said...

Patti, that looks amazing!!!!! I love the fabric:)

mustangkayla said...

It looks great! Love your fabric choice! Bummer in the project delay though!

~jan said...

Well....if you really want to make another one I have a couple windows that could use sprucing up! ;) You did a fabulous job, my friend! Cant wait to see the rest once the floor tile arrives!