Sunday, November 20, 2011

wall art inspired by grandma.

This past summer, my mother gave me some pins (my grandma called them brooches) that had belonged to my paternal grandmother and also a couple that were my mother's.
Last year, I bought a shadow box from Marshall's. I had no immediate plans for it...until I painted my bedroom. I'm now putting my bedroom back together. For my wall art project, I simply pinned the brooches onto the fabric covered interior of the shadow box. Done! The easiest project ever! Using a measuring tape, pencil, and level, I hung the box on the wall next to my dresser. It is so pretty. And meaningful. It reminds me of my beautiful grandmother. I love it.
I'm linking up to chic on a shoestring budget.
What have you made lately that you love? Link me up 'cause I want to come see. :)
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hugs, patti


Suzy said...

Great project, Patti! I have never done a shadow box ~gasp~ Who knew it could be so simple (yet elegant!)?

I made my first "thanksgiving" layout today:


Rita Barakat said...

I love that! It's a gorgeous project!I love things like that artful and meaningful!!!

gottaluvboyz said...

Oh, I love that...simple, beautiful, and thoughtful! I recently put together this

mustangkayla said...

It looks great Patti! What a great thing to make to remind you of ones you love!

~jan said...

Simply perfect, my friend. :) Classic and nostalgic always wins. :) You are a decorating genius.

Mara... said...

What a lovely work of art!! Something so simple but it makes a great wall hanging. I love that it's so sentimental, too!!

Anne said...

What a lovely idea for the brooches. Its such a shame that normally they would be stuck away in a cupboard , I think this idea would work with other things too.

Erin~Just*Grand said...

What a great idea! Love it... You might also like a post I did in December about Christmas tree pins... I display them on a velvet pillow! I may have to try this.... I also collect basket pins and this would be sweet for spring. Thanks for the inspiration... Ther may be another post in this!