Thursday, November 18, 2010

a felt flower video tutorial!!

~scalloped edge~

~straight edge~

My first video.

It's a little bit blurry.

There's a light bulb shining (alright, more like a glare) in the background.

{sorry about that - we're in my craft room and I never have a shade on that light}

Other than that though, I think it's okay. LOL!!!


{watch on You Tube}

I was inspired to make these flowers after seeing them on Sassy lil Sketches DT's los. They all got their flowers from this girl ---->
So, if you don't have any felt or time to make your own felt flowers, hop on over to Wendy's blog. She has an Etsy shop. She will hook you up!!! :)

Please let me know if you have any questions about the video.



~jan said...

Your video ROCKS, my friend! :) YOu may be on to something! YOu have a great voice for it and nice hands-that's a plus! These flowers are wonderful, Ive never made a scalloped edged one so that is on my things to do this weekend!

Bethany said...

Great job with your first video tute, Patti!

mustangkayla said...

You ROCK Patti!

Amy said...

great tutorial Patti!

Aimee (aka carolinagirl) said...

Just watched your video and you did an awesome job on it!!! I have to say you have the sweetest voice! You'd do well as a radio personality!

Mel said...

Loved getting to hear your voice and I agree with have great hands for showing things off:) Great video Patti! YOu rock!!

Anonymous said...

this is just such a lovely video.. you have such a nice soothing voice. Great commentary and clear instructions. The flowers are awesome.. I am going to try it..
THanks for sharing :)

LisaM said...

Great to hear your voice Patti! Love the flowers and awesome video! I am hoping to try these soon!

wendipooh13 said...

oh my gosh those are sooo cute!!!!! love em

Bev said...

that's a fabulous video for first time.. congrats and love the felt flowers....