Tuesday, November 23, 2010

{happy anniversary}


26 years ago tomorrow I married the boy next door.
Not really right next door - but really right up the street!!

Only one city block between our families.
Our parents still live in the same houses.

We went to school together.
We went to church together.
We played hide & seek and kick ball as kids.

It's safe to say we go way back.
We never dated until we were in our twenties.

Still happy.
Still in love.
Still goin' strong.


To keep it real ~
Some of my young blog friend followers may be thinking...26 years? wow!
So, let me tell you that it has not always been easy.
There have been days when I have wanted to run away & hide.
It's hard work.
Talking (without bitching).
It's about being a team.
If you have children -- this one is so important!
Once they're teenagers, they will try to divide & conquer.
The hubs and I still seek out privacy and confer with each other on the sly. ;)
I made this card for him tonight.
Tomorrow we will go to Vona's restaurant in town.
It's the place where we had our very first date - and
it's our tradition to go there every anniversary.

~always and forever~

{card materials - bazzill, Adornit! pp, BG curio die cut, K&Co. sparkly sticker piece, green jute, prima sprig (that I cut apart and made smaller), prima crystal hearts and a bit of machine stitching.}

Thanks for stopping by! Hoping my blog friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

hugs, patti


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary.. and Happy Thanksgiving.
Lovely poem, so beautifully written :)
I love your gorgeous card. Lovely, lovely!
Have a beautiful celebration! To love, to life!

Mara... said...

Big congrats on your Anniversary!!! What fun photos of your wedding. And your card is STUNNING!!! Enjoy your day tomorrow!!

Katie said...

Happy 26th Anniversary! Your words of advice ring true to me, especially at this time. The card you made hubs is absolutely gorgeous. I hope you have a lovely anniversary dinner tonight!

Scarlett said...

Happy Anniversary Patti!!! What wonderful thoughts you have to share! Hope you have a delightful day together.

Karen AKA Soccerboyzmom said...

Happy 26th -- you did a fabulous job of communication to get you this far. Have a great day.

Liz said...

Happpy 26th beautiful card... Love your post

mustangkayla said...

Happy Anniversary! :-) Beautiful card! Kudos to you two for being married 26 years, I hope to be there someday!

malwa said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

~jan said...

Happy Anniversary, Patti! Loved reading your story, even though I know it. :) Have a wonderful evening out tonight-remember all the good and learn from the bad. Many blessings for the next 26 years!

~jan said...

I almost forgot-your card you made is beautiful!

wendipooh13 said...

congrats on your anniversary!!!! Hope cool to marry one you grew up with!!! and LOVE your gorgeous card!!!!!

Bev said...

Congrats on the Anniversary.. love the card and enjoyed reading your story.. hugs Bevvie

LisaM said...

Happy 26th anniversary! Gorgeous card and beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

I've loved reading about your happiness and gratitude Patti. So lovely. God bless you both.