Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{a snowflake paper garland}

Today I took out a couple of Christmas decorations.

The wooden snowman family on top of my quilt shelf was given to me by my mother-in-law when son Matthew was a baby. That's 20 years ago now. Does that make it vintage? LOL!!! The shelf sitting snowman was given to me by same son, Matthew, last year. (He also gave me a Santa who stands on the floor and a cinnamon candle w/snowman ornament set.) How cute is it that my then 20 yo son picked out Christmas decorations for me? He is so sweet!!

{Getting decent shots of the garland was a challenge. There is zero natural light in here's been snowing off/on all day and the sky is gray.}

So, I hope you can see it well enough to know that it is a wicked easy project to make. I used an ek snowflake punch and some Scenic Route Christmas pp, Bazzill and Worldwin cs scraps. Just punched a bunch out and stitched them together. Total time - an hour and a half. My garland is 5.5' long. I wanted it to be I overlapped the edges of the snowflakes so that I wouldn't have a lot of wasted thread. You can make this garland "looser" if you want. Just think about all the ways one could decorate a garland! If you are a person who likes glitter - glitter 'em up! I'm a simple kind of traditional decorator, so I chose to keep mine plain.

Thanks for lookin'!
hugs, patti


gottaluvboyz said...

OMGosh, Patti...I LOVE that garland! I do believe I have another craft to make:) How sweet of your son, too!

~jan said...

Loving your garland, Patti! And that quilt, oh man, I love that quilt!

mustangkayla said...

Oh lala....first thing I thought was what a beautiful quilt! :-) LOVE the garland and decor! What a sweet sweet son! That set up looks so nice!

I saw a tip somewhere that they used wax paper in between the garland pieces to keep the thread tension just right, so you could space them just as you like!

malwa said...

It's a lovely garland - but the quilt is AMAZING! :) (I'll tip-toe over to Mom's webpage and tell her to come over. ;) )

Marti said...

What a fun project, and I love how the colors go so well with your're cool Patti!!!