Thursday, December 1, 2011

Yarn trees!

You've seen them...styrofoam trees covered with jute, burlap, fabric, yarn. I adore them!!
All you need for this trio of trees are 3 stryofoam tree shapes, yarn and some glue. I used red yarn I had on hand and Tacky glue by Aleene's. It dries quickly and comes out of the bottle in a thin line that is easy to control. Start at the base of the tree and apply a tiny bit of glue. Add your starting end of yarn and let dry for a minute, just so your starting point is sturdy. Now, apply a row of glue - sparingly - you don't need a lot and you don't want it seeping through. Wind the yarn around, applying glue, then yarn...until you reach the top. These each took me over an hour to make. Find a comfy spot - I made them while watching a hockey game.
Mine are placed on top of glass candlesticks from Walmart. I love the texture they add to my red and white holiday buffet.
Thanks for stopping by today! Happy December!
hugs, patti


mustangkayla said...

Those are so fun ! I saw some cones at the dollar store and almost picked them up thinking to do either this or covering them in glitter! Thanks for the inspiration!

Mitralee said...

Talked about your blog, thanks for the great post!