Wednesday, June 8, 2011

{a jean purse!}

hi everyone!

Today I want to share a purse that I made for myself from a pair of girl's Old Navy size 1 jeans that I picked up for $2.99 at my city's Thrifty Shopper (our Good Will store).

I purposely kept this purse very simple, only adding clear plastic handles. This way, it'll match with whatever I am wearing this summer. That said, I have plans for additional purses which will have more color and some embellies too. Here is the "back" view.

All you need to do to make a jean purse is cut the bottom of a pair of shorts or jeans off, just above the crotch, straight across, pin right sides together and sew up a seam. So flippin' easy and a fast project too. :)

To attach my handles (purchased at jo-ann's), I needed to move the belt loops and reposition them so that they would work with the clear plastic & metal ring handles. I used a seam ripper to remove the loops and then my machine to re-attach them - with the handle ring inside the belt loop. The back pockets have velcro. I especially like the deep front pockets though - my cell phone slides right down inside on one side and my keys go on the other.

We are having the nicest weather in upstate New York!! I hope you are too.

Thanks for coming by my blog and have a great day!
hugs, patti


~jan said...

Cool. clever and very chic, my friend!

Noelle Reese said...

LOL In my reader I saw the tiny jeans and thought WOW my jeans could make a HUGE diaper bag LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL What a darling purse! I love it!

mustangkayla said...

What a cute purse!

Diana Fisher said...

Super clever idea!! :)

wendipooh13 said...

get out!!!! that is soooo stinkin cool!!!! and clever.. I LOVE THAT!!!!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I have been meaning to do this for YEARS now, and you just told me HOW I could attach handles!! I kept wondering what I would use for handles! I saved really cute jean shorts that my girls wore when they were younger!!

Cheryl said...

So cute and clever! I love this idea.